Yes, You can Get Get More Targeted Affiliates On Board
and access your customers Directly

See Our Winning Steps with 4 Structured Steps

Step 1: Identify Potential Partner

1) Do Due Diligence on Partner

2) Negotiate Referral Fee

Step 2: Source Affilaites

1) We can identify specifc targeted affilaites using various databases and research (e.g. Existing competitors or shortening value chain) 

Step 3: Onboard New Affilates

1) Approach Affilaites with competitve offers 

2) Set up links

Step 4: Feedback

Feedback on Progress To Partners

Power of system lies in ability to reduce Online Retailers in the Value Chain

Build Direct Relationship With Customers

  • Contact your customers directly with latest specials and offers (obtain email addresses and build relationships)
  • Increase your share of the profits by supplying directly your comsumers.
  • Provide a more genuine brand experiences, attract customers to brands they know.
  • Use Data-driven Customer Data more successfully.
  • Develop brand advocacy and loyalty, 
  • Improved brand packaging. 
  • Higher market and product reputation.
  • Innovation Opportunities .
  • Ability to cross-sell.
  • Identify new product opportunities and test products faster
  • Improved Customer Targeting: Ensure a better solution for a specific target demographic
  • Scale go-to-market strategies at speed.
  • Social listening and Feedback Opportunities.
  • Benchmark the customer experience across every step. 



Can I not do the above process myself?

  • Yes, it may be possible to do this yourself however it will take considerable time / development and would require research anc competitor analysis.
  • You have to balance efficiency  against cost.
  • We have a quick turn around time… 

Why is direct relationship so important


u   Many companies would live a direct relationship with the customers in order to communicate there unique brand image and cut out the cost of giant retailers



u The Internet is dominated by major players (it is time to bring the power back to the producers / wholesalers)


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