Can I not do the above process myself?

• Yes, it may be possible to do this yourself however it will take considerable time  and would require the running of computer algorithms and human intervention.

You have to balance efficiency  against cost.

The generation of Search Campaigns are quick and have a 24hr turnaround


Why is relevance so important

• Relevancy, like CPC is an important ranking factor for google. 

u  According to Google:


u  “For each ad group, pick a narrow theme and create ad groups around that theme. For each ad group, use keywords related to that theme. Consider also having your ads mention at least one of your keywords in its headline. This is because when someone searches for a term that matches your keyword, and they see one ad that mentions the keyword and another ad that doesn’t mention the keyword, they are more likely to think that the first ad is more relevant to what they’re searching for.”