Yes, it is possible to Decrease Search Cost per click...
by increasing Quality Score (Relevance)
with 81 000 Keywords, 30 Ads
Cut Out Tedious Work by Using Our Supervised Software

Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of the adoption of virtual technologies in business and to this end we have developed Optimater, which is a specialised tool designed to reduce spend on your Google Ads campaigns and at the same time enable better results.

We are offering this tool to the plumbing industry at a reduced rate to help kick-start businesses who are recovering from the economic fallout of Covid-19 now that lockdown restrictions have eased.

Should you decide to run with Optimater, after a one-month trial we estimate that your spend is likely to decrease by at least 10% depending on your current configuration. If you are not satisfied with the PPC reduction and the quality of the Optimater tool, we will give you a 30-day money back guarantee.   However, we are confident that you will find that Optimater will plug the leaks in your Google Ads campaigns and save costs that up till now, a high CPC (cost per click) means that money has literally gone down the drain.

See Our Winning Steps with 4 Structured Steps

Step 1: Keywords/Themes

1) Obtain various possible keywords from various sources
2) Devise themes from these Keywords
3) Input keywords and themes into our Spreadsheet
4) Input Negative Keywords

Step 2: Ads & Campaign

1) Draft ads for each theme ensuring that relevant keywords are used
2) Compose Ad Extensions
3) Devise a Campaign

Step 3: Uploading & Algorithm

1) Run Optimater Software / Processes 

2) Upload into Google Ads

Step 4: Feedback

1) Ensure Ads Approved
2) Keywords Processed

Power of system lies in ability to generate thousands of relevant keywords linked to 30 Ad Groups, Ads


Improving quality score.

Quality Score is one of the most important numbers in your Google AdWords account, because it has far-reaching effects on your AdWords success. This number can decide the fate of your account. 
Importance of Quality Score


Quality Score

CPA Cost Change


80% Cost Decrease


64% Cost Decrease


48% Cost Decrease


32% Cost Decrease


16% Cost Decrease



16% Cost Decrease


32% Cost Increase


48% Cost Increase


64% Cost Increase

Stats from Wordstream


Can I not do the above process myself?

  • •Yes, it may be possible to do this yourself however it will take considerable time / development and would require the running of computer algorithms and human intervention.
  • You have to balance efficiency  against cost.
  • We have a quick turn around time… The generation of Search Campaigns are quick and have a 24 hour turnaround
  • If you are not satisfied with the results we offer a 30 day money back guarantee

Why is relevance so important

• Relevancy, like CPC is an important ranking factor for google. 

u  According to Google:


u  “For each ad group, pick a narrow theme and create ad groups around that theme. For each ad group, use keywords related to that theme. Consider also having your ads mention at least one of your keywords in its headline. This is because when someone searches for a term that matches your keyword, and they see one ad that mentions the keyword and another ad that doesn’t mention the keyword, they are more likely to think that the first ad is more relevant to what they’re searching for.”

Sliding Scale Price per campaign

1-5 Campaigns

R2 999/campaign (once off)
• Google Search or Bing Ads
• 1 campaign
• Up to 81 000 keywords
• Once off fee
• Improve relevance
• Aim to Reduce CPC

6-9 Campaigns

R2 850/campaign (once off)
• Google Search or Bing Ads
• 1 campaign
• Up to 81 000 keywords
• Once off fee
• Improve relevance
• Aim to Reduce CPC

10 + Campaigns

R2 750/campaign (once off)
• Google Search or Bing Ads
• 1 campaign
• Up to 81 000 keywords
• Once off fee
• Improve relevance
• Aim to Reduce CPC

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