10 tips for selecting a Live Chatting Apps within a Linux Environment

The 10 Tips You Need to Keep in Mind When Selecting & Downloading  a Live Chatting App / Live Chat App/ API/ APK for a Linux Environment


Here the 10 tips you need to keep in mind
when you select a Linux Live Chatting Download

Keep track of customer conversations by converting them into tickets

It should come as no surprise that speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to evaluating these chat apps on your website.

Going back to that Super Office article linked to above, the expectation customers have is that they will have their questions answered within two minutes. That may seem like an exceptionally short turnaround time, but it’s not an unreasonable expectation if there’s supposed to be a person on the other end waiting for queries.

To meet those lofty expectations, double check the performance of the app. Run it through a battery of tests and see if it’s able to maintain its speed.

The last thing you want is to have a faulty app cost you customers, so make sure that its performance is at the level you need it to be. 

Stats are not even necessary here. You probably know all too well about how important the mobile platform is for any business.

Many people can’t be troubled to turn on their laptops or PCs anymore. If they can’t reach your business through your app or your mobile site, then you can say goodbye to them.

Before settling on any real time chat app, make it a point to see what kind of mobile integration it offers. Is it a bare-bones mobile offering that will prove incapable of boosting engagement or is it actually user-friendly?

Remember that no chat app is worth investing in if it neglects the mobile platform.

Having a chat app that is compatible with different kinds of third party software would be useless if it is designed poorly. Your employees cannot just sit around all day and wait for questions to come in especially since there are dead times for those.

Ideally, they should be able to handle other tasks while they wait for the questions to arrive. The chat app must also allow them to transition quickly into answering the question even if they were using a different program previously.

Thus far, the entries listed have been focused on how the real time chat app is working from the business side, but that’s obviously just half of the equation. The chat app can be terrific on your end, but it won’t be an asset for your business if the customers are having trouble using it.

This is why you need to test the app out as a customer yourself. Head on over to your company’s website and see if the chat box is working as intended. Don’t forget to examine how it works on mobile too because that can vary.

You’re not the only who should be concerned with how well customer service is being provided. The company that designed the app your business is now utilizing for daily operations must also be able to demonstrate that it can handle customer service concerns easily.

On those rare occasions when the chat app malfunctions, the company that created it should be able to help you get your customer service operations back online as quickly as possible.

Security should obviously be an important consideration both for you and your customers. If the chat interactions typically involve the exchange of sensitive information, you cannot afford to have a vulnerable communication channel.

The hallmarks of a secure chat app include proper protections for its connections and it should also allow for access restrictions to be set. Whichever bits of data wind up making their way into the chat app should also be secured by the software itself.

If a certain chat app features those hallmarks, it warrants stronger consideration.

You don’t want your web chat solution to look like it was just tacked on to your website haphazardly. Instead of adding to your website, an out-of-place chat box is just going to look off and actively stifle customer interaction.

If possible, look for the apps that allow you to customize them. It would be best if you can even add some branding and logos to the chat apps themselves.

Furthermore, the apps should also be compatible with different kinds of third party software. If your customer service representatives can send emails and work social media accounts while fielding queries thanks to the app they’re using, you know that you have a good one.

While many customer concerns can be handled simply through chat, there will be those times when that is simply not enough.

Your customers may require clearer instructions conveyed through a voice or video call. In certain situations, the best solution may even be to have your customer service rep handle the matter via screen sharing.

Be sure that those aforementioned features work smoothly on the chat app because they will inevitably become essential. If those features aren’t easy to use, try to look around for some better options.

The real time chat app should do more than facilitate effective communication between your company and your customers. It must also be able to function as a good evaluation tool.

Many of the better chat apps on the market will keep track of customer interactions so that you can take a closer look at how your agents respond.

The app should also possess the ability to analyze customer behavior and provide data that you can react to. Improving your customer service will be easier thanks to those analytics and tracking data.

Chat apps will often feature additional features that make it easier for your customer service representatives to work with them.

These can include triggers that are activated once a customer ends up on your landing page or even something as simple as a spellchecker. A spellchecker may not seem that impactful, but misspelling a simple word can make the wrong impression on a customer.

Look at the array of extra features included with the chat app before deciding if it’s worth buying.

By taking into account all those tips listed above, you should find it easier to identify the best real time chat app for your business. Your business and your customers deserve only the best in terms of communication so invest your time and money in the right piece of software

In the world of business, accessibility is now crucial. The advent of new communication channels such as social media has allowed for fans and customers alike to interact more with their favorite celebrities and brands.

Any celebrity or company trying to make it big these days has to utilize those new communication channels effectively or risk becoming irrelevant very quickly.

Social networking sites are not the only new communication channels that matter though.

For businesses in particular, live chat (within a Linux Environment) should now be integral to the way they handle their day-to-day operations.

According to Super Office, 42 percent of customers now prefer live chat over some of the more conventional forms of customer support. It’s also become integral to your sales efforts as many consumers have indicated that they simply will not purchase anything from a company website if there’s no such feature available.

You can’t overstate the importance of having real time chat (within a Linux Environment)  available these days. If you’re just starting out as a business owner, in the process of modernizing your business, or simply unhappy with the live chat app you’re currently using, check out the tips included below to learn how to find the right one.

The fastest way to help your customers

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